About Enercon Surface Treaters

Enercon is the world's leading manufacture of surface treating systems and associated support equipment.

Companies in the printing, coating, laminating and extruding industries rely on Enercon to provide surface treating solutions that functionalize the surfaces of a variety of materials.

Enercon Surface Treating Systems
We're committed to delivering the most technologically advanced and cost-effective solutions to your operation. Our application specific solutions ensure maximum uptime and performance. And should you ever need additional assistance, you'll find that our worldwide support operations are unsurpassed as the industry's most accessible and comprehensive.

Innovation & Commitment - A World Leader
Enercon's unparalleled reliability and revolutionary surface treating innovations empower converting operations around the globe. Our reputation for world class technology and support is well earned. Our dedication to advancing the industry is exemplified by our vigorous involvement in trade associations and organizations.

Customized Solutions - Application Expertise
For over forty years we've delivered surface treating solutions around the world. Our respected team of application engineers offers unparalleled application experience. These surface treating experts optimize system performance by configuring solutions for your specific needs.

Research and Development - Advanced Testing
Enercon staffs a full-time research and development team. Our extensive testing facilities include capabilities for advanced surface measurements and analyses. Dyne level, contact angle, friction/peel testing, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), and time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry (TOF-SIMS) are all part of our customer support package.

Global Perspective - Local Support
Our global network of sales and service representatives work closely with your technical team before, during and after installation and commissioning. They provide you with technical advice and practical assistance to ensure your operation runs at optimum efficiencies.

Enercon's steadfast customer dedication is highlighted by our unsurpassed customer service and training, prompt global on-site service, and leading edge interactive on-line technical support.

Surface Treating Technologies

Surface Treating Systems: Corona
Enercon offers a complete line of corona treating solutions:

  • Covered-roll systems are ideal for film extrusion applications and work well for non-conductive converting applications.
  • Bare-roll systems are powerful and reliable, and a popular choice for most converting applications.
  • Universal-roll systems, the most versatile corona treaters, are used for all converting applications and can handle most difficult to treat materials.

Surface Treating Systems: Atmospheric Plasma
The revolutionary Plasma3™ is a breakthrough in surface treating. The system modifies surface characteristics by introducing a “gas” or “plasma” to surfaces. It is highly effective on difficult to treat materials and specialty film, foam, woven, nonwoven, fiber, metal and powder applications. It economically operates in atmosphere and is capable of treating at most production speeds.

Surface Treating Systems: Flame
Enercon combines over forty years surface treating experience with engineering expertise to create a remarkable flame plasma surface treating system. Enercon’s surface treating web handling expertise ensures webs are handled reliably at very high speeds. A sophisticated electronic control system insures that all aspects of the treating process are precisely controlled.

Surface treatment systems sized for your application

3D Treating Systems
Enercon's three-dimensional surface treating systems provide increased adhesion for applications including printing, painting, coating, bonding, and labeling. We offer 3 systems with a variety of configurations certain to successfully treat your part whether large or small.

Narrow Web Systems
Our economic narrow web systems are compact, reliable, simple to operate and offer single and double sided treating.

Wide Web Systems
Enercon’s ultra-reliable power supplies are coupled with bare, covered, or universal roll technology to deliver effective solutions for your operation.

Ultra-Wide Web Systems
A unique electrode assembly design maintains rigidity over a wide range of operating temperatures. Reliable treatment across the entire length of the station(up to 10 m) is thus ensured.

Our world class laboratory and research and development facilities are the breeding ground for innovations in surface treating technology.

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