Congratulations to Bill Zito on a Hall of Fame Career

UPDATE: Thank you Pack Expo visitors. Enercon is donating $4,200 to the GridIron Greats and Bill Zito Scholarship Fund. Enercon, Bill and Coach Ditka thank you. We invite you to congratulate Bill on his Hall of Fame Achievement.

Bill Zito is retiring from Enercon in style. After forty years in the packaging industry Bill has been elected to PMMI’s Packaging Hall of Fame class of 2010. The honor is well deserved. His dedication to internationally promoting the technology and educating packagers on the benefits of induction sealing have made a substantial difference in the packaging industry. In recognition of his achievement Enercon has created a Bill Zito Scholarship Award.

We invite you to leave a comment below for Bill as he prepares for Pack Expo and the introduction of the Super Seal Touch and all new All-in-One Universal Sealing Head.

In the meantime you may also be interested in learning more about Bill’s career highlights and how your badge scan at Pack Expo can increase Enercon’s donation to the Bill Zito Scholarship and Gridiron Greats Assistance Fund.

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Mark Plantier
Congratulations Bill- a well deserved honor. Thanks for all you have done for the industry.
10/7/2010 12:41:53 PM

Shannon Mayer
Congratulations Bill!
10/12/2010 11:02:13 AM

Al Szukalski

10/12/2010 3:18:14 PM

Bert Miller

You have the best sense of humor in the entire packaging industry!

You deserve to be in the Packaging Hall of Fame! You are creative, conscientious and an all around great guy!

Best of luck from everyone at Phoenix Closures!


Bert Miller
10/18/2010 12:37:13 PM

Mack Howard
Hi Bill -

Congratulations on both your election into the PMMI Hall Of Fame, and on your upcoming've earned it! It won't be the same without you!Mack Howard
Howard Packaging Sales
10/18/2010 12:56:18 PM

Bill Hendricks
Bill - your Company makes great products the reflect the drive for quality that you embody. It a pleasure to know you and to have worked with you. Have a long and enjoyable retirement!

...Bill H.
10/18/2010 1:20:05 PM

Stephen Cook
Congratulations Bill!

Thanks for your help and direction over the years.
10/18/2010 1:29:47 PM

Renee Brody
This is well deserved !! Congratulations ;)
10/18/2010 1:45:07 PM

Doug Firth
Congratulations Bill! It has been a pleasure to know you and work with you and I appreciate all the help and support you provided all these years. Best wishes for a long, happy retirement.
10/18/2010 1:55:08 PM

Michel Lapierre
Congratulastions Bill, well deserved accomplishement! retirement? does that mean you will be working only 5 days/week now?
10/18/2010 2:51:53 PM

Andy Vieira
Congrat Bill on both milestones. Just saying the Hall of Fame induction was well deserved would not be enough. Looking forward to shaking your hand at the show. All the best
Andy V
10/18/2010 2:54:47 PM

Bob Proudfoot

Congratulations! I never thought I would actually see your name and the word retired together. Your talents and personality have made a great impact on the Packaging Industry.

Thank you for all of your help over the past six years. I have enjoyed being able to work with you on projects.

Good luck with your retirement.
10/18/2010 3:24:21 PM

Phil Burn


10/18/2010 4:08:39 PM

Kevin Crosthwaite
Dear Bill,

Congratulations on your retirement and your induction into the Packaging Hall of Fame. What a prestigious honor, one deserved.

Please keep in touch and enjoy your retirement.

My best,

10/18/2010 4:44:07 PM

Wayne Koelsch
Congratulations Bill it was a pleasure working with you for my 20 plus Enercon years, you're the tops!
10/18/2010 6:50:05 PM

Jim Pitassi
Congratulations Bill! A well deserved honor for you....

Jim Pitassi

PS - let's have dinner next time you're in town!
10/19/2010 8:31:31 AM

George Arbocus
Congratulations Bill!! It was always a pleasure to see you at the ADS meetings. Good Luck in all your future endeavors. George Arbocus
10/19/2010 1:39:53 PM

Andrew McLean
Congratulations, for your upcoming retirement and being elected into the PMMI Hall of Fame, a well deserved achievement on both fronts.
It has been a pleasure to work with you over the past twelve years, your knowledge, professionalism and humour will be clearly missed, although I must say that never hearing the cow from Minsk joke again will be an added bonus.
All the very best for the future.
Andrew McLean
10/20/2010 3:38:46 AM

Ben Garvey
One amazing thing about meeting Bill in his office is seeing the incredible number of show/event badges he has collected over the years. Make sure a photo of that gets into his induction. Congrats Bill!
10/20/2010 8:41:58 AM

Ron Tamborino
You are surely going to be missed. Thanks for all of your help over the years. Best of luck and congrats on the well deserved award. When you're back in the burgh call me and we'll go see a Pitt game
10/20/2010 11:19:41 AM

Jim Boganski
I'll be sorry to see Bill leave. Seventeen odd years ago Bill was instrumental in guiding and educating RCFF staff in what was for us a new packaging venture. Over these many years we have sought his guidance in various equipment decisions and sought his aid on multiple packaging issues. His knowledge, understanding and readiness to assist in any way he could, has been both a blessing and an inspiration. Our loss is the putting greens’ gain. Happy retirement Bill from RC Fine Foods.
10/20/2010 11:21:16 AM

John Standard

Thanks for all your help over the years. Your knowlege and expertise have been of great help to myself as well as many others I am sure. Enjoy your new "job".

Matthews International
10/20/2010 11:28:08 AM

B.J. Radek
Mr. Schultz,
I've had the pleasure of knowing you and your family for more than 1/2 of my life. You have been a great friend and a pleasure to work with. Congratulations and I look forward to the "Induction Ceremony". Remember, "If one seals, then they should all seal".

Warm Regards,
B.J. Radek
10/20/2010 11:56:52 AM

Maria R. Albanese
Congratulations Bill!! As one chapter ends - another begins. Enjoy all the things-
You've been looking forward to!!!
Best wishes for continued health and prosperity on your new journey.

Maria R. Albanese
10/20/2010 1:07:12 PM

Dori Bray
Congratulations Bill!! It's been a pleasure knowing, and working with you for all these years!
Best Wishes,
Dori Bray
Change Parts, Inc.
10/20/2010 4:29:14 PM

Paul Bennion
Many congratulations Bill! Echoing the comments above you will certainly be missed. A pleasure knowing you and best wishes for the future.
10/21/2010 11:04:08 AM

Marion Brooks
Hi Bill! congratulations on your being inducted into the Hall of Fame! It's wonderful recognition for you; we always knew you were a super star! Marion
10/22/2010 4:24:22 PM

Charlie Caruso
Congratulations Bill, well deserved. I'll miss the road trips with me going the wrong way at times, your sense of humor, professionalism & committment to Enercon's excellence. Stay in touch my friend, the Marriot in Conshy will always have a room for you.
10/23/2010 7:36:18 AM

Rich Kelley
Congrats Bill!

Please give my warm regards to Priscilla as she prepares for FULL days with you! oh boy!

From my early days at 3M to the fun at Unipac, Bill Zito was always there! We shared many evenings together and your sage advise will always be treasured!

This is an open invitation for you to come to Minnesota for a Gopher vs. Badger Hockey game!

Best of Luck
Rich Kelley
10/23/2010 7:39:48 PM

John Chaffin

Your reputation within the industry
is one of which you can be very proud.....THE BEST !!


John Chaffin
Western States Machinery Corp.
10/25/2010 2:51:52 PM

Glen Gudino
Congratulations Bill!!
10/25/2010 3:10:40 PM

Joe Angel
Hi Bill:

Proud to know you my man....congratulations again on this great achievement. Look forward to seeing you at the show and at the PHOF reception. Ironic that a WI company has Mike Ditka on it's site ;) it.
Your friends at Packaging World
10/25/2010 3:18:07 PM

Ben Miyares
Congratulations, Bill, on the justly deserved honor of being inducted into the Packaging Hall of Fame, Class of 2010.

The packaging world's a better - and more leak-resistant - place because of your concern, dedication and interest.

We salute you!
10/25/2010 5:43:38 PM

Brad Budde
Congratulations on both achievements Bill. I wish you all the best in retirement, you deserve it.
10/26/2010 1:33:23 PM

Terry Scallon
Congratulations Bill. You are the best!
11/14/2010 10:12:06 PM

Mark Fueger
Bill - It was great working with you and the Enercon team. Best wishes during your retirement. Mark Fueger
12/13/2010 3:09:56 PM

Mark Fueger
Bill - It was great working with you and the Enercon team. Best wishes during your retirement. Mark Fueger
12/13/2010 3:09:58 PM

Mark Liddell
Bill, Not a surprise that you have been recognized for your lifetime of success in the packaging industry. You are a true icon of our industry and I want to wish you good health and success in your new endeavors. Mark
12/13/2010 3:36:09 PM

Manish Kumar
Congratulations Bill!!
12/14/2010 12:57:34 AM

Kim Desch
Congratulations Bill - you deserve this recognition. Kim Desch - Mold-Rite Plastics LLC
12/14/2010 1:08:17 PM

Tom Podewils

Congrats on what sounds like a great career...haven't been down to the MAC on a regular basis for quite some time...hope your still getting time on the bb court...

Merry Christmas and Warmest Regards,

12/28/2010 10:33:09 PM
Bill Zito