In these challenging times, you’ll be proud to know that the Enercon team is actively involved in supporting many areas of our economy which are considered critical services.

Our induction cap sealers are used to provide tamper evidence, preserve freshness & prevent leaks for:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Over the counter medications
  • All types of Food, Sauces & Beverages

Our web treaters increase surface energy and promote adhesion in the production of:

  • All types of food packaging- printing, coating & laminating
  • Medical gowns, diapers, and tissue overwrap for toilet paper & paper towels
  • Labels for important industries including hazardous material labeling

And our Object Treaters are used in a wide variety of applications to improve adhesion including:

  • Medical devices including catheters, syringes, & IV bags
  • Electronics including printed circuit boards, wire, & cable & batteries
  • Military applications involving protective equipment & aviation structures

Cap Sealing, Web Treating and Object Treating.


Enercon plasma treaters are used in numerous medical devices.

Sealing Prescriptions

At Innovation in New York Enercon cap sealers safely seal products for mail order pharmaceuticals for our Veterans.

Medical Gowns

At TIDI in Wisconsin Enercon corona treaters are used to produce protective medical gowns.

Enercon Provides Critical Manufacturing Support for Key Industries