When things heat up, stay cool. Maintain your water system.

A clean water system translates into a cool cap sealer. Heat is a byproduct of the induction sealing process. Water-cooled systems such as the Compak™ rely on efficient operation of the water circulation system. Low water levels or contaminant buildup in the circulation system lead to reduced water flow allowing heat to build up. Excessive heat can lead to the failure of your induction sealer.

Simple and routine solutions

A few simple maintenance procedures combined with a periodic flush of the cooling system will insure optimum performance of your cooling system. Check the water level in the reservoir daily. Evaporation or leaks in the system reduce water levels. Keep your reservoir full. If you suspect a leak, locate it and repair it at once. When you check the water level, also make sure the strainer is not clogged. Also evaluate the contaminants it has captured. The type and volume of contaminants in the strainer will give you an indication of the condition of the cooling system.

Yearly Maintenance

A system flush should be performed at least once a year. For systems that have exhibited excessive deposit build up, this procedure should be performed more frequently…perhaps quarterly. A fresh water flush is easily accomplished by removing the old water from your sealer and replacing it with fresh distilled water.

For cases of significant deposit build up we recommend a vinegar flush. This procedure is more complex and will require several hours to complete. Regular quarterly flushes alternating between fresh water and vinegar are the best way to protect against deposit build up.

You’ll need the following materials for the vinegar flush:

  • 1-5 gallons of white vinegar
  • 1-5 gallons of distilled water
  • Wet/dry vacuum to remove water
  • Acid pump
  • Five gallon plastic pail
  • Low-pressure air supply
  • Goggles or safety glasses
  • Rubber gloves

While wearing the rubber gloves and the goggles follow this step-by- step vinegar flush procedure.

  1. Follow all applicable tag out and safety procedures and remove all power from the system.
  2. Remove all covers that may restrict access to the water reservoir.
  3. Using the wet/dry vacuum remove the water from the reservoir.
  4. Disconnect the hose leading to the power supply, blow low-pressure air through the system to remove any remaining coolant then reconnect
  5. Fill the reservoir with vinegar.
  6. Restore power to the system.
  7. Energize the system. Verify that the water pressure is appropriate and let the system operate until the vinegar is well circulated.
  8. Allow the vinegar to sit for at least thirty minutes.
  9. Reenergize the system and circulate the vinegar again. After another thirty-minute rest repeat this procedure. For best results this procedure should be repeated at least five times.
  10. Remove the vinegar.
  11. Flush with fresh water.
  12. Remove the water .
  13. Refill the reservoir with fresh distilled water. If your system is exposed to freezing temperatures the reservoir should be filled with a mixture of 60% distilled water and 40% uninhibited ethylene glycol.
  14. Replace all covers and ensure a safe operating condition.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Follow these tips and keep your cooling system clean and you will have many years of quality performance. As always, if you have any questions or concerns contact our Service Department at 262-255-6070.

Enercon's Compak induction cap sealer.

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