What in the world is TSQ?

TSQ stands for "Total Seal Quality". The security, freshness and shelf-life of your products depend on the quality of the seal that you apply. If the seal fails, spoiled product, customer returns and lost business can result.

Enercon knows first hand the importance of properly applying induction seals. For close to thirty years we’ve been working diligently with customers like you to insure the quality of seals generated by our induction sealers. Unfortunately, well built induction sealing equipment is not always enough to insure TSQ 100% of the time.

Working closely with a group of quality conscious customers in the Pharmaceutical and Food packaging industries Enercon has developed a complete quality assurance package that we call TSQ. This package is designed to give you a high level of assurance that your system is delivering 100% good seals 100% of the time.

Our TSQ package starts with the best induction systems in the business. To that we add a validation package, loss of seal indicator, deluxe cap inspection system and an eJector container rejection system to remove faulty packages from the line.

Validation Package

The validation package is customized to your equipment choice, and includes all the protocols, tables and documentation requirements necessary for you to completely validate your induction sealing process. It will take you through the complete range of validation protocols including Installation Qualification (IQ), Operational Qualification (OQ) and Process Qualification (PQ).

Loss of Seal Indicator

The next step toward TSQ is our Loss of Seal Indicator (LSI). The LSI will give you instant notification of a loss of input power or a malfunction in the induction sealing power supply. This notification can manifest itself as a flashing indicator on a stack light or as an audible alarm...or both. This alarm alerts your operator to take immediate action to insure that imperfect seals do not continue down stream with good production.

Deluxe Cap Inspection and eJector™

The combination of the Deluxe Cap Inspection System and the eJector™ completes the quality loop. The inspection detects stalled bottles, missing foils and improperly seated caps. Bottles with missing foils or improperly seated caps are rejected. The inspection system also maintains a count of the total number of bottles processed as well as the total number rejected. There is nothing else like the Enercon TSQ Package on the market today. No other product can deliver a Seal Quality Package as comprehensive as this one. If seal quality is as important to you as it is to us, just give us a call. We are here for you and we want to help.

A member of Enercon's customer service team can tell you more about TSQ and how it will benefit you. You can reach the team at 262-255-6070.

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