Enercon's Complete Cap Seal Inspection System

With the addition of the eJector™, we now offer a complete and integrated inspection, sealing and rejection solution.

The most comprehensive monitoring package is our Deluxe Cap Inspection System. It detects stalled bottles, missing foils, improperly seated or out-of-tolerance caps, with respect to height.

The missing foil circuit and the out-of-tolerance circuit provide a signal for triggering rejection. The system counts the total number of bottles processed and rejected. Its "Auto Start/Stop" feature automatically powers-up the sealer when the first bottle is detected. It also shuts-off your cap sealer, after a time period you select, when no bottle has been detected.

If bottles back-up under the sealing head, an indicator lamp illuminates to signal the condition. There is also a signal available to automatically shut down the power supply if you so choose.

You can partner the inspection system with the eJector, for a dynamite combination. This versatile partnership mounts to virtually any conveyor to deliver a fully integrated seal quality control system.

The eJector is easy to install and simple to use. Setting the time delay, period of stroke, and power of the stroke gives you maximum flexibility across a wide variety of applications.

This combination is ideal for any application. Let us help you by showing you how our Deluxe Cap Inspection and eJector rejection system will bring improved quality and efficiency to your packaging process.

Call us at 262-255-6070. Tell us about your process and we will show you the benefits you can realize.

Enercon’s cap inspection system, new Super Seal™ cap sealer and E-jector™ rejection system can be integrated as a complete system or added to your line separately.

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