Did you know your sealer has an LSI?

All Integral, Compak™, and Super Seal™ model power supplies feature a Loss of Seal Indicator (LSI). The LSI alarm contacts are accessible for customer connection or can be integrated into an optional factory installed indicator.

The contacts are used as a switch to activate an alarm indication, warning the operator when the induction sealing power supply is not operating. The alarm contact does not change its state until the power supply is started.

The conditions that activate the contacts are either a loss of input power or a malfunction in the induction sealing power supply. The alarm condition only clears when the system is sealing. The LSI circuit includes a set of normally open and normally closed isolated relay contacts. Please contact us for the location and recommended installation procedure to incorporate the alarm circuit for each series power supply. The contacts are rated at 250 VAC at 3 amps.

The Integral and Compak™ series power supplies have a terminal strip available for the necessary connections. The Super Seal™ models are provided with an interconnection cable to connect the alarm and power source.

The contacts act as a switch to energize an optional alarm from an external power source. The external power source is required to ensure the alarm function operates when a loss of power condition occurs.

The most common application of the LSI is to energize an audible or visual alarm, alerting the operator to a problem condition.

LSI Option Packages

  1. Alarm Indicator
    An optional stack light and/or horn package can be included at the factory or most systems can be retrofitted in the field to provide a visual or audible indication for alarm conditions.

    The optional stack light utilizes both sets of LSI contacts to provide a green light representing the "Operational" condition and a flashing red light for the "Alarm" condition. The additional horn option allows for an audible alarm. When the optional stack light and horn are factory installed, an external power source is not recommended.
  2. Adjustable Loss of Seal
    For critical sealing applications, an optional Adjustable Loss of Seal potentiometer is available. The adjustable alarm allows the operator to select the lower threshold level to activate the alarm.

For more information on Enercon’s LSI option packages, call us at (262) 255-6070, contact us via the web.

The LSI function can be used with the optional stack light to alert operators of changes in operating conditions of thier induction sealer.

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