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Adjusting Loss of Seal Alarm Threshold

A useful feature that has been incorporated into the latest versions of the Super Seal™ is the Adjustable LSI function. It provides the operator with the ability to establish a level or threshold for the LSI circuit to operate an alarm.

Did you know your sealer has an LSI

All Integral, Compak™, and Super Seal™ model power supplies feature a Loss of Seal Indicator (LSI). The LSI alarm contacts are accessible for customer connection or can be integrated into an optional factory installed indicator.

Eight simple steps to finding your sealing window

Once the cap to sealing head gap is properly set the sealing window of each product needs to be determined. Use the following steps to determine the window.

Enercons Complete Cap Seal Inspection System

With the addition of the eJector™, we now offer a complete and integrated inspection, sealing and rejection solution. The most comprehensive monitoring package is our Deluxe Cap Inspection System. It detects stalled bottles, missing foils, improperly seated or out-of-tolerance caps, with respect to height.

Enercon's Preventive Maintenance Program

Have the "Capital Budget Blues" got you down? Are you having trouble sleeping because you are worried about the up-time of your packaging line? Well you don't have to worry anymore! Now with Enercon's new preventive maintenance program you can rest assured, knowing that your Enercon equipment is fully operational and performing at optimum levels.

How to use a sealing head to cap gap gauge

To create consist and repeatable induction seals, it is critical to maintain a 1/8" gap between the sealing head and cap. Enercon offers a head-to-cap gap gauge; contact us for yours, free of charge.

What in the world is TSQ

TSQ stands for "Total Seal Quality". The security, freshness and shelf-life of your products depend on the quality of the seal that you apply.

When things heat up stay cool

A few simple maintenance procedures combined with a periodic flush of the cooling system will insure optimum performance of your cooling system.

Why some caps loosen after sealing

We receive many calls concerning caps that loosen after induction sealing. To understand why this happens we need to quickly review the anatomy of a cap prior to sealing.

Enercon Induction Sealing Information Request

We appreciate your interest in Enercon induction cap sealing solutions. Please complete the form below and we will process your request.

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