Troubleshooting common induction sealing problems

Tips to help solve common sealing problems

Enercon induction cap sealers are designed for reliable and trouble-free operation. Once you've setup your system and achieve that perfect seal, every container will seal consistently given no variable in the process changes.

What if you are not getting a desirable seal? Induction sealing is affected by these variables: air gap, line speed, power output and cap application torque. The table below details common sealing problems and tips to solve them. Our General Principles links on the technical support home page contains links to other documents which address the variables of induction sealing.

How do you know if you are achieving a proper seal? Read our Tips for Checking Induction Seals .

If you have questions or experience problems with your Enercon cap sealer please contact us at 262-255-6070 or via our web contact form.

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