Illuminated Fault Indicator - Compak, Compak Convertible, Integral II


    The FAULT indicator is illuminated and the power supply will not start.


    A problem exists with the cooling system or the pressure switch.


    1. The water level may be too low to achieve proper water pressure. Add water as necessary to achieve the proper fill level in the reservoir.*
    2. If system is being started for the first time, or has been disconnected for any reason, check to ensure the water connections are correct. Verify the pump discharge is connected to the WATER IN on the power supply. Reverse hoses if necessary.
    3. The pump strainer may be clogged. Remove the large acorn nut on the pump and clean the strainer. You should be able to see through the side of the strainer.
    4. A clog may exist in the water path inside the power supply or the connecting hoses. Check the fill tube on the water saver to see if any water is returning to the water saver. If the water return is low, or if no water is returning, blow low pressure air through the water path in the reverse direction of the normal flow path to attempt to dislodge the blockage. The strainer may require cleaning after this. Perform the vinegar flush procedure as soon as possible.
    5. If the water level, pressure and flow are good, inspect the pressure switch wiring to the control board. Ensure the connections are at the proper point and not loose or broken.
    6. Replace the Pressure Switch.
    7. Replace the Control Board.
    8. If you have questions or experience problems with your Enercon cap sealer please contact us at 262-255-6070.

    *Add a mixture of clean distilled water and 40% uninhibited Ethylene Glycol in areas where the temperature may drop below freezing.