Clean-in-place roll simplifies maintenance

The ground roll is a critical component of your corona treating system. Damage to the surface of the roll or in the roll covering can lead to backside treatment, pinholes and outright failure of your system. An ounce of up-front preventative maintenance can be worth pounds of downstream cure.

Because treater rolls are heavy and their surfaces are delicate they require significant manpower, equipment and production downtime to remove. To minimize the risk of damaging the roll, not to mention employees, Enercon has developed a clean-in-place roll design.

Enercon engineers have strategically designed our surface treating stations to allow the roll to stay mounted to the station for cleaning. Whether your unit has our flip-open electrodes or pneumatics, we have created an easy alternative to removing the entire roll for cleaning.

For a complete list of cleaning products and procedures acceptable for use on your specific treater roll, please consult your operating manual. If you have any questions or concerns please contact our support team or call us at 262/255-6070.

To ensure long-range reliability, it is good practice to have a planned maintenance program.

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