Maintenance Tips

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." - Benjamin Franklin

As you know, routine preventive maintenance is at the heart of every successful manufacturing operation. Our decades of experience have proven that a committed and aggressive preventive maintenance program...

Backside Treatment Symptoms and Remedies

The symptoms that identify backside treatment are problems associated with web handling. The most common is blocking. The term blocking refers to the attraction of a treated surface adhering to the backside of the material when wound onto a roll. This becomes evident in unwinding, resulting in a separation or delamination of the web.

Clean-in-place roll simplifies maintenance

Enercon engineers have strategically designed our surface treating stations to allow the roll to stay mounted to the station for cleaning.

Compak 2000 Zero Speed Adjustment

A treater's zero speed range is very useful if you are running material at a low line speed and don't want to treat it. However, if you are trying to treat at low line speeds, you need to be sure the zero speed range is not set too high.

Easy maintenance hinges on electrode design

Properly maintaining your treater station translates into uptime and longer electrode life. Enercon's surface treating stations are loaded with easy to use features that make maintenance a simple task.

Four reasons not to discard failed electrodes

If you should have an electrode fail... Don't throw it out! Send it back to Enercon. There are several reasons why returning the electrode to us will have value for you.

Heat and humidity can produce sticky situations

While you wipe the sweat off your forehead this summer do yourself a favor and think of your corona treater. Heat, humidity and a lack of cleaning are mortal enemies of your treater and they can shut your operation down.

Interlock Requirements and Troubleshooting

Safety Interlocks are important components every Enercon surface treating system has. The station requires that all standard interlocks.

It is easy to clean your electrode assembly

Earlier we established that a periodic cleaning program was a good thing. Regular cleaning of your corona treating stations will eliminate most problems with them. The station cleaning process is not a difficult one and, if performed on a regular basis, will not take a great deal of time.

It is easy to clean your ground roll

The ground roll is a vital component of your Enercon Corona Surface Treating System. Defects in the surface of the roll or in the roll covering can lead to backside treatment, pinholed substrates and outright failure of your system.

Optimize critical air flow with proper exhaust

Improper ducting can damage electrodes, clog cooling passages and deteriorate the duct material itself due to excess ozone.

Reduce scrap with encoder upgrade kit

All surface treatment stations require a device to monitor the speed of the web. This data is used by the power supply and/or watt density controller to ensure accurate treatment levels.

Your Ceramic Electrodes How they're constructed and how you can avoid failure.

Ceramic electrodes are one of the most important advances in the art of surface treating during the last century. Ceramic electrodes make it possible to treat any substrate, even metalized films and foils.