Corona Treater Troubleshooting Tips & Techniques

When you are experiencing problems with surface energy the corona treater is often the first piece of equipment to look at. Identifying if the corona treater is operating properly it is a relatively simple process. Be sure to follow all safety procedures found in your system manual before performing any work on your treater. Begin by reviewing the following questions.

  1. Are all safety interlocks satisfied?
  2. Is the treater running?
  3. Is a consistent 0.060" air gap set between the electrode and the roll?
  4. Is the station, particularly the electrodes and rolls, clean?
  5. Are components properly grounded?
  6. Is the power supply set to the appropriate level for the current application?
  7. Are there web handling issues?
  8. If you’ve previously had success with the application what may have changed? (speed, film, process?)

Below are a list of actions to take for some of the more common issues that may arise with any corona treaters including electrode breakage, uneven treatment, film wrinkling and high voltage arcing.

If you still need assistance please contact us. Enercon offers 24 hour support for all of its products. When you contact us please let us know your equipment’s serial number which can be found on the rating plate.

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