Difficult to Treat Material

Having problems treating a difficult to treat material? Let Enercon put its application expertise to work for you. As a global leader in surface treatment Enercon has earned the reputation as a problem solver when it comes to tough applications. Many times a modification to operating parameters or an upgrade in a system component will turn a problem application into a success.

Many times a better understanding of the application allows our engineers to develop a solution. For those jobs that require extraordinary treatment Enercon has developed a revolutionary solution. Enercon's Plasma3™ is an atmospheric plasma surface treater that specializes in treating difficult to treat surfaces.

It can be adapted for use with films, papers, foams, nonwovens, wovens, fibers, metals & powders. In addition to being able to raise the surface dyne levels of stubborn materials, Plasma3™ can also functionalize surfaces for truly unique applications. Visit the Plasma3™ product page for more information.

All of our surface treaters are powered by our ultra-reliable Compak 2000 and 9000 power supplies.

The smooth glow of Enercon's atmospheric plasma generated by a Plasma3™ surface treater