Adhesion Improvements of Nanocellulose Composite Interfaces

Bio-reinforced nanocomposite parts and nanostructured coatings are being considered for use in the automotive, aerospace, construction, medical and packaging industries as a substitute for “neat” polymers or metallic materials. They are a sustainable alternative that can also provide high mechanical strength at low density, low weight, and potentially low cost.

However, there are interfacial surface adhesion challenges associated with these materials. Find out how atmospheric plasma is able to overcome this obstacle and improve surface adhesion of nanocellulose composites.

This paper reviews the latest research from:

Natalie Girouard, Shanhong Xu, & J. Carson Meredith, Georgia Institute of Technology
Meisha L. Shofner, Georgia Institute of Technology Lionel Cross
Eric Mintz, Clark Atlanta University
Gregory T. Schueneman, USDA Forest Service

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