RFID Printing Adhesion with Plasma Treatment

RFID Tags are being incorporated more commonly to ensure the quality and authenticity of the labeled products from producers to end-users. What used to be a simple tag is requires the complex construction of conductive inks, microchips and metalized antenna coils.

New applications are using conductive inks to produce printed antennas at high speeds in place of copper, aluminum or screen-printed antennas in RFID process development.

Producers are taking advantage of Plasma3™ technology to pretreat the surface to prior to printing solvent and flexo-based conductive silver inks on to materials such as PET and PP. Enercon’s Plasma3™ surface treatment delivers the uniform treatment and necessary level of surface tension to create sufficient bonding sites across the web. It is an inline line solution for roll-to-roll converting processes that optimizes tag transmission levels with a significant improvement in productivity and line speeds.

Plasma treatment improves adhesion for RFID tags