Improve Coating Adhesion on Pipes and Pipelines

Pipeline & Pipe Coating Adhesion Improved by Plasma Treatment

Oil, gas, and water pipeline construction projects cost millions to billions of dollars, depending upon the length and diameter of the pipeline. Pipe coating failure and replacement can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and lost revenues in the millions. That’s why pipeline integrity management and pipeline rehabilitation are critical to pipeline owners who cannot afford transmission shut-downs due to corroded pipe.

Plasma3 Treatment and Pipe Wrap Process

In recent years, external pipeline coatings such as 3-layer polyolefin (3LPO), 3-layer polypropylene (3LPP), and 3-layer polyethylene (3LPE) have become standard corrosion protection systems among many companies globally due to their high temperature resistance, good mechanical properties and better availability. Recent pre-mature failures, however, have put into question the long-term performance of these coatings. Specifically, failure modes have included PP cracking at the field joint coating and mainline pipe coatings, and coating debondment from the fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) -steel interface. Thermo-oxidative degradation, moisture interaction, and high residual stress were the primary causes.

Enercon Plasma3™ atmospheric plasma surface treating technology cleans, etches and functionalizes the surface of rolled polyolefin pipeline coatings prior to unwinding and applying over extruded adhesives. This surface treatment provides breakthrough mechanical and chemical adhesion, and can replace primer coatings and aid thermal stability. Plasma-driven improvements in bond strength improve pipe resistance to corrosion from moisture, chemicals and other harmful substances.

Use of Enercon Plasma3™ pre-treatment of pipe coatings in Pipe Rehabilitation within the oil, gas and water markets is another opportunity to dramatically reduce material costs and restore pipe integrity. Plasma-enhanced bonding can provide insurance for corrosion mitigation, and aid pinhole, dent and bend repairs.

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