Ultra Wide Web Corona Treaters

To 10 meters and beyond

The leading force in Surface Treating in North America for almost two decades, Enercon has advanced all aspects of electrical surface treatment. Over the years Enercon grew from being the premier supplier of Bare Roll systems to becoming the leading supplier of a full range of corona treating systems: Bare Roll, Covered Roll and Universal Roll. At the same time, Enercon has parlayed its dominance of the North American market into an established leading presence in all major markets around the globe. Our expanded geographic capability includes sales, application engineering and service.

Today Enercon has surface treating systems operating in applications from narrow web printing to utra-wide web cast film production, BOPP/OPP/BOPET/BOPA, covering the globe from Australia to Turkey, from Spain to China, from Korea to Mexico and from Brazil to Canada. This total surface treating capability is well defined and recognized by leading OEM and User companies around the globe.

Station Structure

  • Electrode assembly can be engineered to fit within the line as replacement, retrofit upgrades or pre-engineered, new process lines.
  • Each station engineered for mechanical rigidity and squareness.
  • High Voltage, high frequency wiring and station diagnostics isolated from ozone exhaust path.
  • A wide range of roll coverings is available from silicone rubber to ceramic.
  • Dual-Dielectric stations with ultra-smooth corona for PET lines up to 5 meters are available.

Electrode Assembly

  • Electrode treating surface designed for high level, consistent treatment.
  • Special bearing design allows electrode to grow as it heats to operating temperature without warping or distortion.
  • Electrode assembly easily rotates away from the the treater roll to allow easy thread-up, cleaning and maintenance.
  • Air gap is easy to set and maintain with tool-less adjustment and locking mechanisms at regular intervals.
  • Electrode assembly design allows for open station with complete electrical safety for operating personnel.
  • Electrode assembly provides exhaust for ozone and cooling air, which provides an ozone safe work area.
  • Ultra-stiff support structure maintains set air gap across the full treat width.

Power Supply

  • 15kW and up power supplies handle complete ultra-wide requirements from 4 through 10 meters. (Visit our Compak ProFlex Power Supply page for detailed information.)
  • Resonant design based upon IGBT power devices provide highly reliable, efficient power.
  • Special control and protective circuits deliver long-term operational reliability.
  • Proven in Ultra-Wide applications from North America through China to Turkey.

Enercon power generators and stations are designed to operate in a maximum ambient temperature of 40°C (104°F) @ 80% relative humidity, non-condensing.

Enercon's Ultra Wide Web surface treater.

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