TL Max Narrow Web Corona Treater

If you are looking for a compact narrow web corona treater - look no further. Enercon's TL Max Series narrow web corona treating system combines the best features of our proven wide web treater with some remarkable narrow web features

TL Max Standard Features

Smaller by Design
Saves considerable space to fit a wide range narrow web presses. Over 28% size reduction. The TL Max is the smallest machine mounted component with consistent reliability and maintenance concerns.
Easy Electrode Maintenance
Tiltable and hinged electrode assembly makes all preventive and other maintenance functions quick and easy, all without tools. This greatly increases operational reliability and electrode life.
Two Electrode Options
Power + Electrodes : Deliver 40% more treating power than standard Bare-Roll Ceramic electrodes.
Power 2 Electrodes : Deliver 100% more treating power and dwell time than standard Bare-Roll ceramic electrodes. No other electrode type treats to higher levels.
Advanced Compak™ 2000 Power Supply State-of-the-art load matching
The Compak™ 2000 power supply has proven its capability and long term reliability on hundreds of wide and narrow web applications for over six years. Advanced IGBT power conversion is enhanced by state-of-the-art control and protective circuits. The results is wide range operational control via the best turn-down ratio available for narrow web loads, high efficiency power conversion and automatic system diagnostics.
Increased Treating Power
Unique electrodes provide more power capacity per electrode which in turn allows treatment levels higher than any other bare-roll system and as high as any other type of treater.
Convenient Ozone Removal Ozone Exhaust to Rear
Ducting for ozone has been located to preserve prime operator work space while insuring an ozone safe work area. Optional ozone destruct unit available.

TL Max Optional Features

Select from a wide range of performance enhancing options for the TL Max. From control packages that automatically respond to line speed variations to complete exhaust systems, Enercon's TL Max can be configured specifically for your operation's requirements.

Watt Density Control
New, brighter, easy-to-read display. Allows operator to set precise treatment level in seconds for automatic, consistent treatment control. Small 10" x 10" x 6" unit provides either Watt Density Control or Computer Interface to the Compak 2000 power supply.
Remote Control
Full Function Remote Operator Control in a 5" x 5" x 12" enclosure.
Spare Parts Kit
Includes critical replacement parts to safeguard uptime.
Exhaust Blower
Safely & efficiently removing ozone from the treating environment while cooling elecrodes, ensures operator safety and electrode longevity.
Exhaust Ducting
Includes inlet blower adapter, station adapter, hose clamp and fittings.
High Voltage Switching
Available only on two sided treaters, high voltage switch for treating top side, bottom side, or both sides of substrate.
Electronic Air Flow Sensor
Monitors exhaust stream and detects loss of air flow. (Standard on international systems)
Rugged High Voltage Transformer
Proven transformer design. Transformer designed for years of operational reliability and proven in hundreds of on-line applications. Often ignored, the high voltage transformer is a critical part of system's long-term reliability. There is no better transformer in the industry and none with the field proven experience on Bare-Roll applications offered by Enercon.
TL Max Specifications
Model # Station Length Treat Width
Single Side Treat
TL Max 11PV-100/10 25" 10"
TL Max 11PV-100/14 29" 14"
TL Max 11PV-100/18 33" 18"
TL Max 11PV-100/22 37" 22"
Two Side Treat
TL Max 12PV-100/10 25" 10"
TL Max 12PV-100/14 29" 14"
TL Max 12PV-100/18 33" 18"
TL Max 12PV-100/22 37" 22"

The TL Max System is the top-of-the-line in flexibility and performance on narrow web applications. And, the system is backed by a second-to-none warranty service organization.