Enercon narrow web surface treaters are shipped ready for action

Adding a new component to your press is an exciting experience. Visions of improved quality and efficiency abound as you uncrate your new piece of equipment.

If the crate has an Enercon label you can be assured that your start-up will be a smooth one.

The systems are delivered ready to run and easily mount onto your press. Our standard designs fit virtually every press imaginable. And if you have a unique requirement we can customize the system to make mounting the unit a simple process.

Setting up the system for first time use is just as easy. Enercon's TL Max™ relies on the Compak™ 2000 power supply for power. As its name implies this power supply is ultra-compact and can be conveniently mounted in virtually any location. The Compak™ 2000 features quick connections for all system in/out, safety and optional equipment interlocks.

The all-in-one XL treater is even simpler to install. The system's power supply is built into the treater. Just add power and you're ready to go.

Simple Station Operation

Both the TL Max™ and the XL systems provide narrow web operations with the reliability required for maximum uptime and productivity.

Hinged electrode assembly is counter-balanced for easy threading.
High-powered ceramic electrodes provide reliable and efficient performance without dielectric roll coverings. Air flow sensor monitors exhaust stream.
Treating power
Unique electrode designs offer more power capacity per electrode.
Power Electrodes
Deliver 40% more treating power than standard Bare-Roll ceramic electrodes.
Power² Electrodes
Available for the TL Max™ deliver 100% more treating power and dwell time than standard Bare-Roll ceramic electrodes. No other electrode type treats to higher levels.
Pivoting electrode assembly promotes up time with easy clean-in-place design.
Removable electrode cartridge requires no tools, realignment or air gap adjustment. Hinged and slip-off electrode cartridge makes all preventative and other maintenance functions simple and quick.
Power Supply Control
The remote power supply interface that comes with the XL features the same interface as the Compak™ 2000, which powers the TL Max™. It's well-proven design provides operators with all the information they need in a clear and logically laid out format.

The XL narrow web corona surface treater features a built-in power supply.