Evolving power supplies are small and powerful

What do books and power supplies have in common? You can't judge either by their covers.

Take a quick look at the power supplies on your surface treaters from the 1980's and compare them to your more recent installations. For power supplies, bigger certainly isn't necessarily better. But the real advantages of today's power supplies are the performance and efficiencies that these dimunitive marvels dish out.

Today's power supplies are smaller, quieter, more efficient, easier to troubleshoot and generate more power per square foot than their behemoth-like predecessors. They have improved operator interfaces and more precise controls.

Another benefit of modern power supplies is the elimination of the previously required transformer. All these improvements have been economically developed. The price of a new power supply is less than what you paid for your decade old power supply.

Trade-up offers

If you're interested in replacing one of your older power supplies for a new, sleeker and robust model contact us about our special trade-in program. Our engineering team will configure a power supply to match your requirements and have it installed in the field according to your schedule.

A 7kW flip-top power supply for surface treating measures 18" x 28" x 9".