Electrode and roll interaction key to ensuring optimal corona treating performance

To ensure consistent treatment it is critical to optimally configure the electrode, ground roll and power supply for the application.

Substituting a different dielectric roll, electrode or power supply can disrupt the engineered balance of the components and produce undesirable results.

Think of the choices you have when it comes to selecting tires for your car. You would not put racing tires on a vehicle you will be taking off-road. Likewise components such as roll coverings and electrodes have specific dielectric properties that work together to optimize performance.

The proprietary combination of Enercon's Universal roll covering and high powered ceramic electrodes are combined the result is High Definition Corona. Substituting a different roll covering or electrode will not produce the same results.

It's important to point out that Enercon manufactures several types of ceramic electrodes that share the same housing. If you have multiple systems in your facility you should check with Enercon's customer service department to ensure you do not mix electrode styles as an assortment of undesirable results can occur including: insufficient treatment levels, inconsistent treatment levels and premature electrode failure.

For more information on properly identifying and using Enercon electrodes contact our customer service department or call us at (262) 255-6070.

To ensure optimal performance make sure you are using the electrodes specifically designed for your system.