Corona Treating Essentials Quiz

It’s important to know the basics of corona treating when trying to improve adhesion for inks and coatings. The Quiz below tests your knowledge on common misconceptions about the corona treating process. If you have any questions regarding corona treatment, adhesion or specific application issues please contact us. For more in depth coverage of corona treating topics please visit our library of technical articles and webinars.

Good luck with the Quiz.

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  1. TRUE OR FALSE: Dyne levels of treated materials are not permanent. Substrates do not retain their initial treat indefinitely.

  2. TRUE OR FALSE: Using a corona treater always guarantees good ink adhesion.

  3. TRUE OR FALSE: Backside treatment occurs when air is trapped between the substrate and the treater ground roll. To eliminate it, one needs to eliminate wrinkling or air pockets

  4. TRUE OR FALSE: The output power (kilowatts) and watt density values are exactly the same so it doesn’t matter which one is used to control the treater.

  5. TRUE OR FALSE: If the film is pretreated, corona treating prior to printing is never required.

  6. As a rule of thumb, the substrate to be printed should be corona treated to a surface tension value (dyne level) that is ____ dynes/cm2 higher than the surface tension of the ink.

  7. The best way to run a corona treater:

  8. Which of the following is a possible cause of backside treatment?

  9. Why should you bump treat (treating immediately prior to printing)?

  10. The most common source of preventable problems for corona treater stations and power supplies: