Two Sided Narrow Web Treating Comes of Age

Release date: 8/1/1999

There has been significant growth in narrow web requirements for two-sided printing. Examples of two-sided printing applications include tags and labels carrying information and decoration on both sides, and short runs of packaging materials that can be accommodated on narrow web presses. While meeting the demands of these applications, the narrow web treater must also be small enough to be installed in the minimal space available on the narrow web press.

Enercon has developed the TL-Max II Sided Treater, a compact narrow web treater that can handle the requirements of two-sided printing. Here the "Max" stands for capability not size. The TL-Max II provides the smallest possible machine mounted component that is compatible with long-term operational reliability and over-all maintenance requirements. Both your press operators and maintenance personnel will thank you for considering their needs when you purchase treating equipment that meets expanding market requirements in the narrow web industry.

The TL-Max II Station is small enough to easily mount right after the unwind section (stand) or just above the first station on most narrow web printing presses. Complete installation instructions are provided with each TL-Max II system.

Contact your local Enercon representative for pricing and availability or Enercon at 262-255-6070. If you need help locating your local representative, contact us.