New atmospheric plasma surface treater added to Enercon's lab facility

Release date: 6/1/2004

MENOMONEE FALLS, WI - Customers running trials at Enercon's laboratory facility will now be able to see and use the latest in atmospheric plasma technology. The new system delivers high-performance surface functionalization with unique high density atmospheric plasma treatment. It features twice as many treatment delivery assemblies, expanded digital PLC control, and is representative of state-of the-art systems currently available from Enercon.

The lab upgrade to the latest technology allows Enercon to conduct trials for customers more efficiently, and allows them to view the la test system configuration available from Enercon.

The upgrade is also timely. Since Plasma3™'s market introduction three years ago lab trials at the company's Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin facility have increased exponentially. The lab has become a breeding ground for innovations as leading companies from widely-diverse industries research and develop new ways to harness this emerging technology.

The cooperation of Enercon, technology partner Sigma Technologies and industry leaders has produced dramatic results. Specialty applications requiring stringent surface specifications are often conceived, trialed and refined in the lab, only to later become realities in production facilities across the globe.

The investment in the laboratory is testament to Enercon's commitment to continue to expand the capabilities of the system that defines the future of surface treatment.