Enercon to Provide NPE Visitors with Most Comprehensive Display of New Plasma & Corona Surface Treating Technology

Release date: 5/2/2018

Enercon Industries Corporation is debuting new corona and plasma surface treaters at NPE Booth W7059.

New Blown Film Corona Treater

This new corona treater is designed specifically for blown film lines. It is ideal for lines producing HDPE shopping, garment, t-shirt and utility type bags. It treats variable widths and offers operations simple and reliable performance.

New Plasma Treater for Plastics, Composites and Metals

Visitors to NPE will be the first to see Enercon’s newest BlownIon™ plasma treater for improved bonding with adhesives, inks and coatings. Enercon’s application experts will provide demonstrations showing how this new technology improves surface energy through both dyne level and contact angle measurements.

Also included in the exhibit:

Enercon’s surface treating experts will be available to share their insights on surface treating and answer any questions you have regarding specific applications for improving bonding of inks, adhesives and coatings.

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