Enercon Introduces New Easy Thread Corona Treater for Blown Film Applications at NPE

Release date: 5/7/2018

Enercon Industries Corporation will debut a new corona treater at NPE (Booth W7059) designed specifically for blown film applications. It is ideal for surface treating HDPE film used for shopping, garment, t-shirt and utility type bags. Blown film operations use corona treaters to increase the surface energy of films to enable future converting such as printing, coating, and laminating. The system features Enercon’s reliable Compak™ power supplies with a new frame design which makes threading film very simple.

The new treater design expands what is already the industry’s most diverse surface treating product line. In addition to corona, plasma, flame and ozone surface treating technologies, the company also offers unique options and features when it comes to electrodes, roll coverings, power supplies and customizable options. “Enercon looks at each of our customer’s applications as a unique opportunity to create a custom solution engineered to meet their performance needs. This new design provides us with yet another option to meet the needs of our customers,” says VP Application Engineering Tom Gilbertson.

The two-sided blown film treater features a pneumatically actuated frame which moves one of the electrode assemblies and ground rolls to allow film to be dropped through the system for easy threading. The assembly and ground roll return to their original position for operation. Stainless steel electrode segments allow operators to select treatment width and areas for lane treatment as needed. The design also allows for simple clean-in-place maintenance.

Enercon’s surface treating experts will be available to share their insights on surface treating and answer any questions you have regarding specific applications for improving bonding of inks, adhesives and coatings.

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