Folding Carton Glue Savings and Productivity Payback Calculators

Adding an atmospheric plasma treater to your folder gluer operation can provide significant cost savings and improvements to production. The calculators below will help you determine how quickly you can get a return on your on investment. More information including  video, images, product specification and application details can be found on the improve folding carton bond strength with Enercon plasma treatment press release page.

Glue Savings Calculator

The Glue Savings Calculator below should be used when evaluating an atmospheric plasma treater for an application that will allow you to switch from hot melt to cold set folding carton gluing. The ability of atmospheric plasma to improve bond strength makes this a common benefit. Simply enter in your own data to calculate your savings.

Savings Shifting from Hot Melt to Cold-Set
Assumptions Cold-Set   Hot Melt
Viscosity (Cps) 700 1700
Bead per Case
Bead Length (cm)
Pounds/feet (746 ft/lb, 1/8" bead dia.) 0.00134 0.00134
Production hours/week
Adhesive cost/lb. (US$)
Adhesive cost/week (US$) $ 0 $ 0
Savings/week (US$)   $ 0  
Savings/yr. (US$)   $ 0  


Productivity Payback Calculator

Productivity Payback Analysis
Annual Case Production
Labor & Operating cost (USD$ / hr)
10% increase in production speed $ 0
20% increase in production speed $ 0
30% increase in production speed $ 0

The Productivity Payback Calculator to the right can be used to determine the monetary value of increased productivity. Using an atmospheric plasma treater to prepare the glue lap surface prior to gluing may allow you to increase your production speed. Simply enter in your annual case production, cases/minute and operating costs to calculate your potential savings.

For more information contact us or visit our new folding carton bond strength video clip of the Dyne-A-Mite™ IT Elite in operation.