Worldwide Contacts

Whether you need immediate support, have a technical question or would simply like more information our regional experts are ready to assist you.

Our corona, atmospheric plasma and flame systems are in operation throughout the world. The contacts below are surface treating application experts with special knowledge of the processes and technologies used most frequently in your part of the world. Along with our international network of factory trained sales and service agents these contacts provide you with the Global Perspective and Local Support Enercon customers have come to expect.

Asia (China, Japan, Korea, all others)
Jason Hua    
Scott Manning   +1 262 250 3176 


Mario Leonardelli   +1 262 250 3149 


Scott Manning   +1 262 250 3176 


Europe - UK
See UK Contacts    


Senthil Kumar   + 91 4344 244303 


Mexico, Central America, South America
Gus Ibarra   +1 262 735 4107 


Middle-East (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, all others)
Scott Manning   +1 262 250 3176