Do you work with suppliers or partners?

When you call your suppliers, do you wonder if you’ve called the right place, or do you know you’ve called the right place? When you call Enercon, you’re tapping into the world’s most comprehensive knowledge base of surface treating technologies and applications. And this isn’t by accident.

Partnering with You is Ingrained in Our Employees

When Enercon started over 45 years ago the company was founded on four key principles and one of those was understanding our customers’ application. As such it’s ingrained in our engineering, sales, and support teams to take the time to understand how you will use surface treatment, the purpose of treatment, and what your expectations are. In fact, Enercon conducts weekly training sessions with our employees to ensure the detailed knowledge we’ve gained over the years lives and breathes with our newest team members. We believe our passion for this approach is one of the key reasons Enercon is recognized as the global leader in surface treating solutions.

Not a Customer? No problem.

We often get calls from companies who are not even our customers. They’ve seen the Enercon name, watched our free educational webinars, and have become frustrated with a lack of response and knowledge from their suppliers. And yes, we do answer those calls and provide whatever help we can. We’re proud that they know they’ve called the right place. In fact, we recently received a call from a converter who wasn’t an Enercon customer. They were struggling with an application and equipment issue. They were greatly appreciative of our response and impressed with our knowledge of the application. So much so, that they are now an Enercon customer.

The Right Questions Lead to the Best Answers

Some of the small details that we look at are bypassed by many. When a customer asks for a quote for 10kW power supply, we could send the quote and look forward to receiving the order. But when you call the right place, you deserve more. So we ask questions: is it a replacement or is it for a new application; same substrates or evolving needs; metalized or nonconductive films; is there an OEM line integration component; printing or coating or laminating? All of these details are important to ensure we optimize the equipment design for your intended use of the equipment. And with a global database of application knowledge we can help steer you in the right direction.

When you are a partner (and not just a supplier), asking the right question is more important than guessing the right answer. And that’s why Enercon supports its equipment like no one else in the business. So when you call Enercon, you’ll always know you’ve called the right place.

Use the form on this page to contact us or call us at +1 262 255-6070. You’ll be glad you did.

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