Super Seal Deluxe & Super Seal Max

Enercon Induction Cap Sealers are designed for reliable and trouble-free operation. Our Super Seal series of cap sealing systems have been successfully sealing containers for nearly 10 years. The Super Seal Deluxe and Super Seal Max induction sealers offer a feature rich system. These systems ensure product safety on packaging lines around the world.

Should you experience operating problems with your induction sealing system please use the following troubleshooting guide to help rectify any issues you may be experiencing. If your Enercon induction sealing systems is operating correctly but you are not getting an acceptable seal, please review our General Principles links on the technical support home page.

If you have questions or experience problems with your Enercon cap sealer please contact us at 262-255-6070 or via our web contact form.


HIGH VOLTAGE is present within this equipment. As with any piece of electrical equipment, one should become familiar with the manual furnished before applying power. Proper connections and operation are required for safe use. FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS for safety of personnel when operating or maintaining this equipment.
Enercon's Super Seal Deluxe induction cap sealer.

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