Eight simple steps to finding your sealing window

Once the cap to sealing head gap is properly set the sealing window of each product needs to be determined. Use the following steps to determine the window.

  1. Ensure the conveyor speed is set properly for the product being tested.
  2. Ensure the container and caps are free of defects and are compatible with each other. Also check to ensure the torque is correct for the cap size being used.
  3. Start unit and set the output % at minimum and run a single container. Check the container for a seal.
  4. If no seal was achieved, increase the output % in increments of 10% until a partial seal is achieved, increment by 1-2% until a complete seal is achieved. If a partial seal was achieved, increase the output % in increments of 1-2% until a complete seal is achieved. This is the minimum set point of the operating window.
  5. Once the minimum set point is established, increase the output % by 1-2% until the liner or cap show signs of overheating. Decrease output by 1% until the overheating is eliminated. This is the maximum set point of the operating window.
  6. Now that the operating window is established, test the application in the range of output from minimum to maximum to determine at what output % the best seal is achieved. This will be the production output level.
  7. Position and run a tightly grouped number of containers that will completely fill the sealing head. Verify the output % on the meter remains constant and that the seal results are the same on all containers run.
  8. Record the minimum/maximum output % of the window, production output %, line speed, cap, liner material and container information for future reference.
  9. Repeat all steps for each application that is run on the equipment.

This information is a useful tool that helps decrease the time required for changeover between products, as well as troubleshooting to help determine if you have a package or equipment problem. More questions? Contact us today!

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