Starting your Enercon sealing system

These steps should be followed in the order listed to insure proper operation of your unit.

  1. If your unit has water cooling, turn the water re-circulator on or insure water is supplied before attempting to energize. Verify that there are no leaks.
  2. Place the circuit breaker into the ON position. The indicator lamps are momentarily displayed with STANDBY/POWER remaining energized. If the unit is in remote setting, the remote lamp also will be energized.
  3. Push START button to start induction sealer. Output (sealing) power is now on and the run lamp should be on. If the run light fails to come on, push the UP arrow for a few seconds, and then try to restart by pushing the START button. A restart is sometimes necessary due to the slight delay required to circulate water throughout the system to satisfy the cooling fault indicator. The unit is operating when the run light is energized and the meter reads some output percent. The minimum level is typically 25%.
  4. If the unit still isn't running, check to make sure that the cables or defeat plugs are in place in the back of the unit for all of the interlocking control circuits.
  5. With the meter reading percent output, the UP arrow can be pushed until desired level is reached and indicated by the digital meter. The DOWN arrow will decrease the level.
  6. Push the STOP button to turn the output (sealing) power off. When this button is pressed, only the standby lamp should glow. If in remote operation, remote lamp will also remain energized.

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