Operating Controls and Indicators

All units have some variation of the basic controls - status indicators, power output display, and 4-start/stop and up/down keys shown above. The locations and additional functions vary by model.

  1. The START and STOP keys are used to power the head and reset/power-down the head, respectively.
  2. The UP/DOWN keys are used to increase/decrease output power and for programming the unit in conjunction with the feature keys.
  3. The circuit breaker located on the back of the unit is used to energizing the power supply. The standby lamp on the control panel will display when the circuit breaker is in the ON position.

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Operating Controls and Indicators
Diagnostic and Meter Indications
Amber light, normally lit when power is applied.
RUN Green Light, lit whenever the system is operating properly. This indicated that power is within 20% of the set point level.
GEN Red light, lit when a problem exists in the output section, a high current condition, or arc exists. this may be caused by a problem with one of the following: an inverter device, an output capacitor, an output lead, or the sealing head.
FAULT Red light, lit when a problem exists with the cooling system or cooling fans are not operating. Ex: water pressure is not sufficient to activate the pressure switch.
TEMP Red light, lit when the temperature of the heat sink for the power device has exceeded safe operating temperatures. This may be the result of a blocked or inadequate cooling passage. this will most likely also result in device failure.
REMOTE The amber light indicates that the system is operational from the remote location.
OUTPUT / METER Displayed numbers indicate the percentage of the full rated output.

Enercon's Super Seal features friendly and intuitive controls. See below for more detailed images.

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