Illuminated GEN Indicator - Compak, Compak Convertible, Integral II


    The GEN indicator is illuminated and the power supply will not start.


    A failure has occurred on the control board or in the output section of the power supply.


    1. Remove the sealing head from the power supply. Inspect the output cable and output CT for loose or damaged connections.
    2. Check the hardware connecting the output capacitors to the bus work. Ensure the hardware is tight.
    3. Check the resistance of the output capacitors. Replace defective capacitors with spares. It is recommended that all capacitors be changed at the same time.
    4. Open the power supply and inspect the output cable and Power Board for loose or damaged connections.
    5. Check the resistance of the Chopper and Inverter devices. Replace the defective devices with spares.
    6. Replace the Control Board.
    7. If you have questions or experience problems with your Enercon cap sealer please contact us at 262-255-6070.