Controls and Indicators - Compak, Compak Convertible, Integral II

    The following is a description of the controls available on the Compak™, Compak Convertible and Integral II.

    Controls and Indicators
    Controls Descriptions
    START The START button, when depressed, will start the power supply if all the interlocks are satisfied. The START button is also used as a start enable for remote operation.
    STOP The STOP button, when depressed, will stop the output power. The STOP button is also used to reset the indicators on the membrane panel.
    Depressing either button will raise or lower the output percentage to the desired level. The minimum level is 25%.
    STANDBY* The circuit breaker on the power supply is energized and power to operate the system is available. Normally on, does not extinguish when the unit is running.
    RUN* The power supply is operating. The output percentage is displayed on the digital meter. Normally on when the unit is running.
    REMOTE The power supply will start/stop from a remote contact.
    GEN If the GEN light is illuminated, refer to illuminated GEN indicator troubleshooting.
    TEMP An overtemperature condition exists. Refer to illuminated TEMP indicator troubleshooting.
    FAULT* This indicates a water problem has occurred. Refer to illuminated FAULT indicator troubleshooting.
    *The original membranes displayed POWER, SEAL, and WATER where STANDBY, RUN, and FAULT are now displayed, respectively.

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