Blank Membrane Display - Compak, Compak Convertible, Integral II

    The following is a description of a blank membrane display on your Compak™, Compak Convertible, or Integral II induction sealer.


    No indicators or numerical display are lit on the membrane switch. The unit will not start.


    The voltages are not properly distributed to the membrane for proper operation.


    1. Ensure power is applied to the power supply. Ensure the supply breaker is ON and the unit circuit breaker is ON.
    2. Open the power supply and inspect the ribbon cable between the membrane and the control board. Ensure the blue stripe is connected to Pin 1 on both the control board and membrane assembly.
    3. If the ribbon cable is connected properly, check the continuity of the ribbon cable. If the cable reads open replace the ribbon cable.
    4. Replace the membrane assembly
    5. Replace the Control Board.
    6. If you have questions or experience problems with your Enercon cap sealer please contact us at 262-255-6070.