Cap sealing success on the production floor often begins with laboratory testing. Enercon’s application specialists offer the industry free expert evaluations of cap, liner and container compatibility, ultimately recommending the best induction sealing solution.

Whether working on a new project or troubleshooting an existing installation, Enercon is ready to assist you with the latest technical support and induction sealing designs.

Our laboratory includes our complete line of induction sealers and sealing head designs so we can match technology to your specific needs. From manual to automatic, a complete range of equipment is available to test and research applications. The laboratory also maintains a wide inventory of inner seal material to aid in the evaluation of cap, liner and bottle configurations.

Enercon Director of Sales, Ryan Schuelke says "The laboratory is an important service that Enercon offers the packaging community. Our evaluation includes lab testing to determine if induction sealing is an appropriate means to provide tamper evidence for a specific cap and container. Many current Enercon customers rely on induction sealing because of the safety of the hermetic seal and the inherent tamper evidence of the technology."

The cap sealing laboratory is also used for training our customers' production personnel, research and development of new applications and troubleshooting of seal quality issues in the field.

To take advantage of this service packagers can send samples of the their existing or prototype packages to Enercon along with pertinent production information such as production line requirements and range of products to be sealed.

Why not contact us and see if we can assist you with your next induction sealing challenge? There’s no charge for this service and you can have the confidence that your application has been approved by the induction sealing pros at Enercon.

Take advantage of Enercon's induction sealing lab and put your application to the test.

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