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Tips for Sealing Liquids for Shipping with Amazon, FedEx & UPS

Tips for Induction Sealing Liquid Products for Safe Shipping with Amazon, FedEx & UPS

UPS, Fed Ex and the USPS all have specific requirements for shipping liquids. Retailers, distributors and supply chains also require liquid products to have protection from potential leaks.

In this exclusive webinar experts from Enercon Induction Cap Sealers and Selig Group Induction Liners provide insights on the industry’s best practices for packaging liquids for diverse shipping channels. You’ll discover:

  • What your distribution partners expect from your packaging
  • How to Select the right liner for your liquid sealing application
  • Best Practices for Achieving a perfect Induction Seal
  • Packaging Considerations regarding fill heights and air pressure changes in transit

Induction cap sealing is recognized as one of the most effective packaging technologies to eliminate product leaks and provide tamper evidence. In addition the hermetic seal also creates an oxygen barrier which preserves freshness, extends shelf life and protects product integrity.

Innovative People Ensuring Your Sealing Success.

Enercon’s induction sealing experts are responsible for the successful sealing of billions of containers around the world. Our innovative technology, application expertise and world class customer support have earned Enercon global recognition as the leading cap sealer brand in the world. We’re pleased to partner with industry leader Selig on this highly informative webinar as well as support the following industry associations:


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