Optimizing Induction Cap Sealer Productivity by Setting up an Operating Window

Good Seal Chart

Most packagers do not realize the importance of setting up an operating window for their induction sealer. This webinar provides expert advice on getting the most productivity from your induction sealer to Achieve a Perfect Seal.

  • Learn why setting up an operating window will increase your productivity
  • Gain a better understanding of the variables that can affect induction cap sealing success
  • See how to set up an operating window with live video demonstrations
  • Discover the techniques used to determine a good quality seal
  • Find out how new equipment developments are making it easier for operators to use an operating window

Access to the recorded version of the webinar includes

  • Video replay of entire webinar including question and answer session
  • Live video demonstrations
  • PDF of the presentation slides
  • Complimentary Induction Cap Sealing Handbook
  • Operating Window Set up guide and worksheets to record your own data

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Thank you for your interest in our webinar designed to help you optimize your induction cap sealer by learning how to set-up an operating window. Step by step instruction is provided with tips on how to identify a good seal and how to control the variables that can affect induction sealing.

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