Induction heat sealing helps in reduction of pack and bottle weight!

For many years now, the milk industry has taken great advantage of foil sealing, which allows them to reduce closure weight, eliminate the tear band, and reduce pack weight.

Added benefits of improved storage and shipment capabilities from the dairy to the store, and from the store into the home have also been recognized.

Many other industries have taken up foil sealing for varying reasons, the main goal being to ensure product integrity. Now they have identified a vast gain to be made in reducing cap and bottle weight if they foil seal. The awareness of these benefits in the UK is increasing, and currently it is topically correct to address green issues.

Massive growth of supermarkets in the UK has made foil sealing an every day thing. Pack weight is being monitored and reduced. However this is not the case across Europe.

In the UK, the British Government has taken to heart the necessity of improving transport quality. They are actively creating awareness across Europe on the benefits of hermetically sealing containers, which will reduce closure and bottle weight, and subsequently the amount of transported product – which will help reduce the carbon footprint.

Added benefits include sealing in freshness, extending shelf life, and improving transport conditions from the car to the users fridge, as well as reducing the amount of plastic being used and transported. Induction sealing will also aid contract filing companies to reduce rejects.

Missing Link

There is a however a "missing link" between the large outlets, food producers, packers and the machinery manufactures. They all communicate their vested interest, but they miss the main point, they want to be seen to be good and actively reducing pack weight, but very few of them have 360º control over what happens. Enercon is taking an active part in trying to focus the attention from the Government to the food supplier, from the packer to the component manufacturer and machinery manufacture, so that a coordinated approach can be developed.

The issues are huge; within the UK milk industry alone, over 2 billion bottles a year are sealed and the savings are phenomenal. Many more packs, like milk, can be reduced dramatically if the large groups and supermarkets could collaborate, rather than operate in isolation.

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Richard Bull, Managing Director, Enercon U.K.