Enercon "Success Guarantee" based on a world of experience

When you request a proposal from Enercon you’re tapping into decades of application expertise. But how can we guarantee your success?

Our engineers carefully analyze your application configuration including; caps, liners, bottles and line speed requirements. Each of these variables plays a critical role in configuring the best power supply and sealing head for your application.

Your requirements are compared to our database of laboratory test data and real world applications. As the market leader, we maintain the most extensive induction sealing database in the industry. On occasion, the data leads our engineers to request samples for added testing. When a new speciality solution is required, our research and development team takes action to create a custom solution specifically designed for your application So the next time you request an induction sealing proposal, do it with confidence and allow the expertise of Enercon to guarantee your success.

Originally appeared in: eNews: Induction Sealing Technology 4th Quarter 2006