After 18 Pack Expo International Trade Shows Zito has seen many changes in the packaging industry

Bill Zito will be attending his 18th Pack Expo show this year and since the early 1980s a lot has changed in the packaging industry and with induction sealing. We took the opportunity to pose him a few questions on where the technology and industry are headed.

What has been the biggest development in induction sealing?
Its easier today to add induction into your packaging line than ever before. Ultra-compact power supplies and aircooled sealing heads are relatively maintenance free and extremely reliable. These technological advances are also making it possible to use induction for new applications.
What are the new applications?
We’re pioneering the use of induction heating for non-traditional sealing applications around the globe. We have pressure- belt systems which allow containers with non-torqueable caps to be sealed. Sealing containers without caps or prior to capping is also allowing packagers to take advantage of the benefits of induction sealing. We present packagers with a safer and more economical alternative to conduction sealing.
Over the years what has changed with the industry?
It seems more manufacturers are trying to do more with less. Many have cut back and are relying on telemarketers or counting on their website to be a substitute for a knowledgeable applications team. Not a week goes by that we don’t receive a phone call from someone that bought a sealer from someone else. They explain that they are having application problems and can’t get any help from their supplier. As a courtesy, we help these people out, or refer them to someone in the industry who can assist them.
How is Enercon different?
Actually, our website is the most indepth resource you can find on induction sealing. But we back it up with the largest force of direct, factory trained salespeople in the industry. In fact, Enercon has more direct sales personnel than all of our domestic competitors combined! As the market leader we pride ourselves in visiting face to face with our customers before and after the sale.
Isn’t it expensive to maintain such a network and to visit customers?
It is expensive, but we feel it’s important to maintain personal contact with our customers, before, during and after the sale. In fact, we estimate that last year our sales people made over 1,000 sales visits to customers in North America, Mexico, South America, The Pacific Rim and Europe. We also have the largest network of manufacturer reps, which means that when one of our direct salespeople can’t arrange a visit, our local rep is only a phone call away.

Originally appeared in: eNews: Induction Sealing Technology 4th Quarter 2006

Bill Zito, Vice President Induction Sealing Systems, inspects a recently sealed container in Enercon's cap seal lab.