Induction Sealing Hall of Fame Adds Five Packaging Applications

Release date: 1/20/2009

MENOMONEE FALLS, WI- Enercon inducted five new packaging applications into the Induction Sealing Hall of Fame at Pack Expo Chicago. The following companies' products were inducted into Enercon's Hall of Fame: Y Water Inc, El Rashidi El Mizan Confectionary, Tesco Stores Ltd., GlaxoSmithKline, and Banjo Corporation. This year's inductees challenged Enercon engineers to seal unique shaped packages, containers without caps and even help reduce packaging weight.

Y Water's mission was to develop an innovative packaging design and concept while ensuring product freshness for the organic beverage. The creative design is 100% recyclable and reusable, doubling as an aftermarket toy. Enercon's Super Seal™ helped preserve freshness, instill tamper evidence and leak protection for the enriched water drink.

The United Kingdom's milk industry was encountering 1.5%- 2% product waste during transport and production of milk. Tesco Stores Ltd. utilized Enercon's Super Seal™ Max to eliminate the leaky problem and preserve freshness. In addition, packagers are able to reduce pack weight by eliminating the need for a tear band and allowing for a thinning of the neck and shoulder of the bottle.

Enercon engineers coupled their top belt sealer with a Super Seal™ Max and customized coil to induction seal Horlicks™- GlaxoSmithKline. The combination of its unconventional oval shape and snap-on cap, which lacked torque, claimed its spot in the Induction Sealing Hall of Fame.

Banjo Corporation used an induction seal to eliminate the cap on a ball valve used in water cubes at construction sites; a hermetic seal replaces the cap, reducing production costs and also keeping dirt and grime out of the water supply. Banjo Corporation started with Enercon's Pneumatic Jr. and later upgraded to a customized linear indexing sealing system to meet their line speed requirements.

Enercon Industries Corporation, headquartered in Menomonee Falls, WI, is the world’s leading manufacturer of induction sealing systems. Enercon offers induction cap sealing and capless sealing solutions providing hermetic seals that stop leaks, enhance shelf life, provide tamper evidence and preserve freshness. In addition, the company also manufactures custom built corona, flame and atmospheric plasma treating systems for rolls, webs, sheets, and three dimensional objects.