Celebrating 40 years of Innovation. We want to Hear From You!

Release date: 10/21/2014

Thank you allowing Enercon to be part of your success over the last 40 years. During this time Enercon’s innovative line of Super Seal™ Induction Cap Sealers have become recognized around the world as the high performance choice of packagers in the pharmaceutical, beverage, food, dairy, petroleum, cosmetic, & packaging industries.

Your success is our reward. Our commitment to developing innovative products for you includes pioneering air cooled induction sealing, engineering custom sealing heads for your unique applications, and putting advance control at your fingertips with the industry’s first touch screen controlled cap sealer.

In honor of our Anniversary we would like to hear from you. Please leave our team a message on how Enercon has helped your company succeed.

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Name: Simon
Company: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003472255404
Comment: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003472255404
Name: Bruce Cleevely
Company: Bruce Cleevely LLC
Comment: I am a consulting engineer in the packaging industry and have worked with the Enercon team on several projects from plasma surface treatment to induction sealing. I have never been disappointed. The technical assistance is second to none and the equipment is working flawlessly! Recommendations to my clients must work or I loose credibility and Enercon has never let me down.
Name: Mario Ottati
Company: KIK Custom Products
Comment: In our household filling lines, a critical equipment is the cap induction sealer. We have used three other OEM sealers before using Enercon, with mixed-to-poor results, mainly in maintenance cots due to the corrosive environment in our lines. Since we start using Enercon 5 years ago, we have had not issues at all with cap induction sealers. First we installed one unit, and less than a year later 50% of the units were replaced by Enercon units. Today we don't use any other make but Enercon. Enercon units are reliable, sturdy while lightweight, very consistent in power delivered,a on for the rare occasion we have needed a spare part, Enercon has responded swiftly. We can not really assess how good the repair service is from Enercon, simply because our units do not fail.