Variable Sealing Control optimizes sealing energy for line speed fluctuations

At PACK EXPO Enercon introduced Variable Sealing Control technology. This new PLC-based feature ensures reliable seals by automatically adjusting sealing energy to compensate for line speed fluctuations. This allows packagers greater flexibility in where they mount their induction sealer.

Since induction sealing relies on three variables: pressure, heat and time, it has always been understood that the sealing process requires a consistent line speed. Enercon engineers have developed an algorithm to overcome this limitation.

Visitors to PACK EXPO saw the new technology in operation along with the Super Seal™ Deluxe cap sealer.

The exhibit also featured an interactive touch screen integrated with advanced remote control and monitoring.

Originally appeared in: eNews: Induction Sealing Technology 4th Quarter 2008

New Variable Sealing Control (VSC) ensures reliable seals by automatically compensating for changes in line speed.