Induction sealing webinar captures international audience

Enercon Industries, Selig Sealing Products and Unipac Induction Seals recently collaborated on an informative webinar that drew interest from packagers from around the world.  The seminar focused on ways to add value to brand identity through the use of induction sealing.

The informative seminar includes the following information:

  • Transform your packaging strategy into a brand advantage
  • Gain a competitive edge with your supply chain by increasing shelf life
  • Gain a competitive edge by earning shelf space with leak proof packages
  • Discover how induction sealing can help reduce pack weight
  • Latest trends in induction sealing technology
    • Sealing head design
    • Sealing without a cap
    • Sealing glass, metal and plastic
    • Sealing non-round containers
  • Latest trends in induction seal material
    • Tamper-evident
    • Security
    • Consumer friendly
  • Cap and container trends related to induction sealing
    • Non-torqued caps and lids
    • Child resistant
    • Senior-friendly
  • Applications that challenge physics
    • Induction Sealing Hall of Fame
      • Oval shaped foils
      • Snap on caps
      • Large eccentric shapes
      • Metal containers with non-torqued caps
      • Cap and bottle profile with large air gaps
      • Varying land area tolerances
      • Seal two caps of differing heights with one induction sealer
Learn the latest trends in both induction sealing technology and product differentiation.