Sealing of dairy products on the rise around the globe

From New England to the Taiwan, from Europe to Venezuela induction cap sealing is a popular choice with dairy producers.

The reasons we’ve heard are as varied as the dairy selection at your local store. But the most common reasons are to preserve freshness and prevent leakage. Some packagers have switched from pressure-sensitive liners (which are not designed to work with liquid products) to induction sealing.

Enercon’s line of cap sealers meet dairy requirements head-on. Their NEMA 4 rating means they’re safe for washdown environments. Special coil designs ensure efficient power usage and reliable sealing.

Originally appeared in: eNews: Induction Sealing Technology 3rd Quarter 2001

A NEMA 4 rating and special tunnel sealing head make Enercon induction sealers ideal for dairy applications.