Conduction seal failure eliminated with induction sealing

Zipz Induction Seal Line - Enercon's Super Seal Touch

Zipz Hall of Fame Package Sealed by Enercon & featured in Packaging World Magazine

By thinking outside of the box, (and the bottle) Zipz Inc. has wine connoisseurs thinking about unsealing, rather than uncorking their next tasty vintage. Enercon’s Super Seal™ Touch cap sealer ensures the product is fresh when ready for consumption. This innovative package earned its way into the 2014 induction sealing Hall of Fame and onto the pages of Packaging World Magazine.

Induction improves original design
Originally the PET package featured a conduction seal, but as is often the case with conduction sealing there were too many leakers. As J. Henry Scott, Founder and CEO of Zipz Inc. says,“Conduction sealing and PET were not a good mix. Induction sealing is a superior technology. It produces more consistent seals and fewer failures.”

Scott enlisted the consulting services of Bruce Cleevely, retired Vice President of Product Development for Berry Plastics. Cleevely worked with the Selig Liners to select a Selig Lift n’ Peel™ induction liner. It provides a hermetic seal which inhibits leaking and oxidation. An added benefit of this type of lidding membrane is that they are easy to peel off by the consumer.

Zipz Induction Seal

For induction sealing an Enercon Super Seal Touch system is used. This equipment came highly recommended, as consultant Cleevely had many years of familiarity with Enercon equipment and technologies. The new Super Seal Touch features touch-screen interface, internal monitoring, recipe management, password security, descriptive fault information, and trouble-shooting support. A fully integrated inspection system detects stalled containers, missing foil membranes, and cocked caps.

"Enercon has been a very good packaging partner and has been very helpful in the installation and integration process. I would recommend them to anyone looking for induction sealing equipment."
J. Henry Scott

He adds, “We haven’t had a leak since installing the Enercon induction sealer. The reliably consistent performance of the sealer, combined with the new oxygen-scavenger-imbued PET containers, and threaded 70mm closures, give us a wine shelf life approaching two years.” Zipz wines now are served at a dozen major baseball league ballparks, at least 10 football stadiums, and hundreds of other venues—such as zoos, amusement parks, and convention centers.

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