Saucy Seals preserve freshness for Liverpool, England company

Chinese Chef Foods in Liverpool is using Enercon's Super Seal™ to extend the shelf life of their latest Chinese Chef range of sauces, by applying a high-integrity, hermetic foil seal.

Jackie Kwok of Chinese Chef Foods explains, "We needed a solution to preserve freshness and extend the shelf life. Knowing Enercon is a world leader in manufacturing Induction Cap Sealing systems and is used on an extensive range of food products, we asked them for their help".

Chinese Chef Foods started off with two table-top Compak Jr™ sealers. These are hand held units which are suitable for sealing up to 15 bottles per minute. The Chinese Chef range proved popular with consumers, so to keep up with the increased production demands, they upgraded to a Super Seal in-line induction sealer, suitable to seal up to 120 bottles per minute.

Jackie adds "Enercon is a highly reputable company. Judging from the introduction of the cap sealing machine and the extensive testing and training I received, they are an excellent company to deal with".

Chinese Chef Foods produces a wide range of sauces for wholesale and retail outlets.

Liverpool based Chinese Chef Foods employs an Enercon Super Seal™ to preserve product freshness.